Lily Tang Williams: Journey from Communism to Defender of Liberty

via Lily Tang Williams: Journey from Communism to Defender of Liberty

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Visualization of Natural Relationship of Grahas

Source: Visualization of Natural Relationship of Grahas

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How Your Brain Creates Karma

Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it?

The Flowering Brain

Back in my late 20s I made my living as a remodeling contractor. I was young and buff then, with great legs and a skinny little butt. Add in a leather tool belt and a blue Levi’s work shirt and I cut quite a compelling figure. Little did I realize.

One day I got a call from a doctor and his wife. They immediately hired me to remodel their kitchen. It soon became clear that this kitchen makeover was a last ditch attempt to remodel their marriage. Unfortunately, Home Remodeling Therapy rarely works for marriages. This time was no different.

Kismet Karma

an electric connectionSeveral weeks into the job The Wife – who shall go nameless – invited me to lunch to celebrate my birthday. It was quite a pleasant meal as we time traveled exploring personal histories and exchanged tales of personal drama. She was a former NY model with a…

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Simplicity is the key

Love Simplicity!

Nature's Diet


The more I study ayurveda the more I appreciate simplicity. It is a way of living for me and it is a very powerful way of healing. I think it is one of the keys for happiness. 

When I read my first textbook of ayurveda, just out of curiosity, by Dr Robert Svoboda I felt something really important was comingmy way. It was a start of a new life which finally brought health and happiness. It was a journey that took me from complicated to simple by looking at the whole picture of my life all at once.

The years of study of ayurveda that followed took me almost to exasperation because there was so much to learn. Thousands of years of application of healing knowledge seemed too hard to grasp by someone out of the context with Indian culture. But I kept studying somehow, maybe instinctively, knowing that…

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Historical Parasara


(Published in the January 2012 issue of Saptarishis Astrology Magazine)

The origin of Vedic Astrology has always been camouflaged in myths and legends. Although the ancient sages had a purpose of doing so but as time progressed the legends started being misinterpreted and the original message began to lose its worth.
People became fanatic followers (signified by the headless Ketu, the south node of the
Moon) of the legends. Questioning (signified by Saturn) and logical analysis (signified
by Mars) became a taboo in the orthodox cults of astrological tradition.
However, this lack of logical thinking itself was the cause of the downfall of this ancient
knowledge. Generations became questioning and when they saw that certain things did
not make sense and no one was ready to answer those critical questions, there was loss of
trust in the ancient knowledge (mistrust signified by Rahu which always taints the true
knowledge signified by Jupiter).

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Solis Invicti


(Published in the December 2016 issue of Batayan)

A 6th grader was asked by her bus driver why she is celebrating Christmas, when she is of Indian origin. She smiled at her bus driver and said “Well, because I can.” However, she herself wasn’t happy about the answer she gave to the driver. She wanted to know more, she had questions that needed to be answered. She had to feel connected to the most popular festival in the country she was born in, even though she was born to immigrant parents.

The above is a true story that compelled me to write about the ancient origins of Christmas. I dedicate this article to that lovely girl and all children of different races and nationalities.

Humanity created festivals to remember certain times in the year and to celebrate time, over and over again every year. Time was recorded by a calendar…

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Enneagram & Jyotish

Space and Time Part 2: Lunar Mansions”  is an article by Jack Labanauskas the publisher and editor of the Enneagram Monthly an eclectic journal with readers in many countries that he started 22 years ago.  It is largely about the Enneagram, a typology system that categorizes people in 9 principal groups each responsive to one of the 9 passions i.e. Perfectionism, Pride, Deceit, Envy, Avarice, Fear, Gluttony, Lust/Excess or Sloth.

We are each affected or in the “grip,” similar to the effect of grahas or nakshatras by a dominant passion at the center of our personality.  This predilection to favor one passion over others, rather than caused by the entry point (birth) into life or the planetary influences as they move forming particular mixtures of influences,  is more the result of accumulation of our internal processes like confirmation bias, defense system etc. Over time we “solidify” in what we perceive as “working for us” and then maintain such patterns even when situations change. While jyotish describes the cosmic influences at work behind our destiny, the enneagram exels at assessments of our passions and motivations and how we respond to others under the sway of a different passion. together the enneagram and jyotish can enhance our understanding how best to live or quoting Jack says:
“We’re at a world class buffet that contains all we need to thrive, but also what can cause terrible indigestion.” And all our studies are of course aimed at improving understanding of life so we can make better choices.

click here to read part 2 …

Part 1 in pdf form issue # 227 …email to request a copy.



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