Indra in the elections of 2016

Moon in Jyeshta: Donald Trump

ADB AA rating

Election update, April 19:

Donald Trump

Today is the New York primary, Mr. Trumps home state where he is predicted to win by a landslide on the Republican side. The elections in the USA are brutal and this one is one of the most brutal on both sides.

Love him or hate him, Trump is grabbing the attention of the populous. I too, am riveted. I think one reason is due to the rare phenomenon of the “rise” of the outsiders and in Trump’s case, a non-politician, challenging the status quo and winning (so far). Another reason is the magnetism of Trump whose Moon is in Jyeshta, the Chief Star in gandanta, purnima tithi and eclipsed!

When Trump said this very Indra sounding thing my ears perked up:

There’s a level of brutality in boxing. It’s hard to take 300 punches in the face and come back for another round. I remember hearing a champ after a fight say to the cameras, ‘I want to thank the Lord, my savior, who gave me the ability to beat the shit out of my opponent.

Donald Trump’s Jyeshta Moon is full and eclipsed just 30 secs from Ketu. In the last karmic knot (gandanta) between the material and spiritual planes; in the abyss where the waters of dissolution meet the fires of creation.

Politics is an intellectual blood sport. To survive one has to be tough and hard. Jyeshta is very suitable to Trump’s mental nature with Shiva Trimurti he can kill without remorse and move on (metaphorically speaking). It is tikshna nature (sharp, dreadful) in rakshasa gana (demon class) giving him the right temperament. In farmer/servant caste, the billionaire has a rapport for the working class stiffs who make up the bulk of his following.

Here is what western astrologer Lisa Hayes says about those born on a Lunar eclipse:

“In a lunar eclipse, the instincts and emotion of the Moon are eclipsed by the Solar conscious energy of the Sun. When emotions and instinctive drives are forced to hide away from the solar light, they can intensify and become more powerful and we often see this with people who are born under a lunar eclipse.”


“People born under a total eclipse carry the intense emotional energy with them, though these lunar instincts may remain hidden for much of their lifetime until they are forced to emerge through some kind of confrontation.”

Vedic astrologer Juliana Swanson wrote this on Feb. 22, 2016:

So far, many astrologers and media pundits have been repeatedly wrong in judging Donald Trump and his US presidential campaign. Every time someone predicts that he will collapse, he only grows stronger….(after winning several primaries in a row)…one has to now acknowledge that he is a “force to be reckoned with.”

she also wrote:

“I have often said that it is difficult for an astrologer to read Mr. Trump’s natal chart because he was born right before a lunar eclipse, within four hours ahead of the eclipse actually, so it is said that his natal Moon is “eclipsed,” which can cloud perception of his public image just as eclipses shadow the luminaries.”

and this:

“I have continued to hold that he…. could go far in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, due to what I see as his empowered natal Moon, which is disposited by a very strong and auspicious Mars, and also due to many other factors including his powerful stationary mahadasa lord Jupiter (using 360-day year length), with Jupiter well placed in Leo navamsa near his main chart’s ascendant degree, and the fact that his secondary progressed Sun (also his chart lord) is conjoined the ascendant now and for some time to come.”

Indra in Pictures

Born from the mouth of the primordial god, Purusha.

Indra, king of the gods, orders the heavenly

craftsman, Vishwakarma, to build him a grand palace in Swarga loka.


Indra with his consort, Indrani


Indra’s vahana








Energy of IndraTrump-Chair-600-LI





He can also be called upon in times of war to give support with his divine weapons and favorable intervention.





Indra is associated with storms & rain. Cardinal point is East. super turmp

The formidable thunderbolt-wielding Indra strikes an imposing figure but as king of the gods he is generally benevolent, being generous to his worshipers, guaranteeing peace and prosperity and delivering beneficial rainstorms to end droughts.

trump supporters










Indra going 48851951.cmsto work… on his vahana Airavata  

Bronco Trump












God of thunder and Lightening – Indra at worktrump_thor_02

le-triomphe-de-trumpIndra in Victory

Lord Indra enjoys fame, power and intoxication. Gets high on ego.

trump trophysKing don


Indra on a Bad Day

prone to furious temper, strong lust, greed and sudden humiliation

or fall from grace…angry trump


tantrum trump






 Indra’s behavior sometimes leads to huuuge dramas…

Jyeshta Moon Indra-man has Magha Lagna:


…and gets him cursed.


curse trumps


Middle finger shows  your supremacy and superiority.

Lord Indra, has so much energy that he sleeps very little. Nevertheless here he is getting ready for a good night’s rest in his heavenly loka.2FD9465400000578-3390812-image-a-51_1452283969158




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My search for meaning in life turned serious in my late teens and included a sustained practice with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation in 1973 that I practice still today. In 1973 I also became a student of Aikido with Shihan Robert Nadeau Sensei in the Bay area of California, received a black belt (currently 6th dan) and have been teaching Aikido for the next 37 years, mostly at Bay Area dojos in Los Gatos, San Francisco, San Jose, Mountain View, Palo Alto and colleges : Hayward and San Jose State Universities, Sofia University, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP) and De Anza College. I had a 6 year career as an international bodybuilder, was a finalist in the pro- world championships 3 times and in the IFBB Ms Olympia in 1986 & 87. I was introduced to the Enneagram in 1978 and became a certified teacher in the narrative tradition with Helen Palmer and David Daniels in 1993. I integrated the Enneagram with principles of Aikido in my teaching. In 1990 after a pilgrimage to India I reconnected to Vedic wisdom with a focus on Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), a study that really took off when I met my guru, Pundit Sanjay Rath in 2005. Since 2007 I went to the Himalayas yearly to study Jaimini Sutra Upadesa and Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra graduating in 2011 as a Jaimini Scholar from the 5 year Master's Course. For nearly 3 years, from Jan. 2010, I mentored in the Parasara Jyotish program created by Pundit Rath. I am a level 1 & 2 teacher in the AIAC (Ancient Indian Astrology Classes) founded by Chicago based Guru Souvik Dutta. (see the Ayurjyotish course in 2012, the Visesa Lagna course in Jan. 2014 and Panchanga course in Jan. 2015) Teaching what I am learning deepens understanding and joy. Currently I have a Level 1 foundation course going on skype (Sept. 2015 I live in the hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay with my husband Jack Labanauskas, publisher of the Enneagram Monthly, also a practitioner and student of Vedic wisdom.
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