Nakshatra padas: A Teaching of Rishi Pulastya Part 2 case studies by SueAnn McKean

Donald Trump*

Moon in Jyeshta 4 (D9 Pisces)

Sun in Mrigashira 2 (D9 Virgo)

Lagna in Magha 3 (D9 Gemini)

*AA rating in Astro-data bank. (ADB)

Donald Trump


Real estate mogul, reality TV star, and now presidential candidate, Donald Trump is a media phenomena. In this presidential race a day does not go by without a colorful story about what Donald Trump does or says. (Dec. 2015)  His media savvy has kept him #1 in the polls for the Republican party since June 2015.



We will begin with the Moon, the first leg of Mr. Trump’s tripod of life.

As a child his siblings called him “The Great I Am”. He was more aggressive than his other four siblings. Not many people can be identified by only their first name. “The Donald” has his Moon in Jyeshta nakshatra.

Jyeshta means “The Eldest” “The Chief” “The most excellent or the most praiseworthy.” Not a surprise – he has showy qualities of Indra, king of the devas and deity of Jyeshtha. He is both loved and hated, exudes leadership and charisma, leaving four decades of well documented media tracks for us to study.

The energy (shakti) of Indra is the power to “rise above perils and to conquer the subconscious”or the power to “Rise, overcome, conquer and gain courage in battle” **

**from vedic scripture- Taittiriya Brahmana I.5.indra1

...Indra’s modus operadi is attack, defend, gain supremacy among the Gods and become a hero. Trump: “When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough,” and “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.”

Indra is the greatest action hero in the Vedic pantheon. Trump, in a recent debate was asked

“Is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?”  I imagine that Indra would agree with Trump when he says:

Well, you need somebody, because politicians are all talk, no action.”     


  Show me someone without an ego, and I’ll show you a loser.”

The Indra Moon is in moksha pada four whose motivation is giving, letting go, evolving, sacrifice and change. Once Trump succeeds he lets go and moves on to conquer new territory. After reaching the heights in the New York real estate market, Trump set his sights on new conquests across the seas as well as the USA: Owner of a football team, an airline, best-selling author, TV star, Atlantic City casino developer, online university, worldwide golf courses just to name a few.

Running for president he lost or gave up his Macy’s Trump brand products, his Ms. America beauty pageant and popular NBC TV show “The Apprentice.” He is willing to sacrifice some of his own fortune to finance the run for president rather than be controlled by special interest donors. Only, so far there was no need for this. His skillful play with the media gave him hundreds of millions worth of free publicity. (11th house Mercury in Gemini knows how to dance with the media)

The fourth pada is gandanta– the last pada of a water sign.

burning water

Gandanta means “end of a knot.” In other words the ending of a cycle, which causes destruction; the high side of which is that it’s also needed to create room for something new to emerge. It is especially rough on the Scorpio side of the border where the water is turbulent and steamy; the forces are destructive, paving the way for a rebirth in Sagittarius. This location is the last cosmic knot, a spiritual conundrum that he must untangle in his life.

It is the point of the galactic center of our universe as well, symbolizing a very powerful position for any graha to be located in, and particularly unsettling for the peace loving karaka of the mind, the Moon. This spiritual challenge is a battle that Mr. Trump must face with the courage and the confidence of Indra.

The moksha pattern of lose, expense, release is very strong for Trump. His Moon is the twelfth lord, ruling the last sign of the zodiac, the main moksha house. The Moon is the indicator (karaka) of the fourth house and is in the fourth house of homeland and real estate, also a moksha house. This is a powerful position for the Moon, getting directional strength (dig bala). It is with the fourth lord Ketu the planet of detachment and fittingly, buildings, tall buildings (Ketu’s direction is up). The fourth is the heart, emotional release and peace of mind, and is the first of the moksha triune – 4, 8, 12 houses.

In his navamsa (D9) Mr. Trump has his moon in Pisces, the sign of liberation, dissolution, release from physical form in the 8th, also a moksha house.

The 2nd leg of the tripod of life is the Sun in Mrigashira, second pada.

Trump’s Sun is in Mrigashira  nakshatra whose deity is Soma, the Moon god.

Mrigashira is the “searching star” the symbol: a sweet looking, skittish deer (see picture of the young Donald) restless, on the move, searching…for what? Enjoyment. Btrump__2liss.

Donald Trump’s critics say he is flaky, leaving the race when it stops being fun. If it is not fun he won’t do it. One of his often repeated statements is that the real excitement is playing the game. Most of his interests have been in casinos, golf courses, resorts, real estate development, reality TV and beauty pageants. He has made his work fun.

The artha pada has made the intention and motivation of his Soma energy the acquisition of the multitude of things he enjoys and supporting his huuuuge circle of friends, family and employees. He often says, a good reason to vote for him is the thousands and thousands of people he employs, and that many people are getting rich working for him. He now wants to include the whole country in this largess “Make America Great Again” is his campaign slogan.

The deity Soma is another name for Chandra the Moon god who never stops moving, visiting each of his 27 wives at night. He is Cha-indra meaning the “king of the senses”; the great enjoy-er, similar to Indra’s title of the “Lord of the senses”.images

Soma is the nectar of immortality the gods drank to obtain bliss and happiness.

The Taurus Sun is lagna lord and atmakarakathe self and soul indicator. The Sun is truly the king of his chart and the most important graha. Located in the last degree of his most powerful house in the horoscope, 10th house, the karma bhava where it gets dik bala. (see Moon) the 10th is “The Throne of Indra” sitting with an exalted Rahu creating a raja yoga.(royal combo).

As the atmakaraka graha the Sun indicates the main ripening karma that Mr. Trump is realizing in this donaldtrumplife at 29+ degrees it is on the edge of a sign (rasi sandhi). Like the Moon, Sun is in transition, getting transformed and causes instability and change due to being in a borderland between two territories earth of Taurus to air of Gemini as well as on the border between artha and kama pada.

Watching “The Donald” in the presidential race I see a man with tremendous material wealth and success as a business mogul (Taurus) shifting into the new terrain of politics where he has to constantly deal with the media (Gemini) and establish his ideas and policies in more concrete ways than in his past. This indicates the karma of his Sun — to be a catalyst, an agent of change. The man seems to be burning through karma at lightening speed as well as sowing many seeds to be enjoyed or suffered in the future.

The third leg of the tripod is the lagna.

The lagna gives clues to Donald Trump’s intellect and decision making style. It is in the 3rd pada of the majestic, royal nakshatra Magha.

461875-bigthumbnailIts symbol is a throne. Magha makes him an independent thinker, wanting to be his own boss with an aversion to taking orders from anyone.

Magha’s deity are the Pitris, the ancestors. Mr. Trump often says in his speeches –

We need —somebody that literally will take this country and make it great again. We can do that.

This remark suggests that Mr. Trump believes that the direction and intensity of his leadership efforts can and will be instrumental in the country achieving “greatness again.” It also indicates that he believes the country was once great and lately has lost it’s greatness.

To a patriotic person like Trump Pitris are America’s forefathers, the founders of the country. The Pitris shine through Trump’s belief system. To him they are the creators and protectors: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Reagan, men who, from his frame of reference, made the country great.

Lastly, his lagna is in the kama pada, falling in the navamsa lagna of highly interactive, air sign

Gemini. The Donald enjoys life to the fullest; seems never to tire of getting his message out using any venue. He is in constant contact via social media like twitter and Facebook, a high ratings generating catch for any news outlet. His impromptu speech style is able to fill stadiums with adoring fans.

Money was never a big motivation for me, except as

a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing

the game.”



Read more:

Hillary Clinton**

Moon in Purva Bhadrapada 3 (D9 Gemini Lagna)

Sun in Swati 1 (D9 Sagittarius)

Lagna in Vishakha 3 (D9 Gemini Lagna)

** rectified by Edith Hathaway. ADB C rating using 8:02AM birth time.


Hillary Clinton has been in the limelight of American politics for 40 years. She has a law degree 141231-hillary-clinton-mn-2130_14257f8a4ebbc2bf8806b492060dd415and portrays herself as an activist for the needy, especially children, women, minorities and the downtrodden. First Lady in the White House for 8 years, then elected Senator for New York State, and made Secretary of State in President Obama’s administration. This is her second run forthe United States presidency.

We will begin with the Moon in Purva Bhadrapada pada 3

Ms. Clinton has the Moon in the powerful, fierce (ugra) 25th nakshatra at the end of the poisonous sign, Aquarius, whose lords are the greatest malefics Shani and Rahu. Purva Bhadrapada is ruled by the mystical atmospheric god of lightening – the 1 footed goat lord, Aja-ekapada. Volatile, extreme, rebellious, dark and deceptive energies are stewing in this nakshatra. Only highly evolved souls like Paramahamsa Ramakrishna are able to control, through dedicated tantric practices, these unruly spiritual forces.

Controversy has stalked her career since the mid 1970’s when she entered the limelight on the team of lawyers and investigators for the Watergate committee to impeach president Nixon. She was fired for writing a fraudulent legal brief and for having confiscated public documents to hide her deception. Throughout her time as First Lady she was being investigated almost continuously for one scandal after another Whitewater and Travel-gate or the so called bimbo eruptions during the campaign to re-elect her husband Bill Clinton. Through intelligence, wit and sheer will power Ms. Clinton was able to out smart her enemies and avoid prosecution.

Ms. Clinton is seen as the most powerful woman in America. Bill Clinton during his run for president would proudly tout her as an asset: “Elect me and you get two for the price of one.”

She was seen by many as very influential, almost like a co-president, and a force to be reckoned with.


Aja-ekapada is a Rudra, those violent, transformative agents depicted as a fire dragon, it is the mount of Agni, generating the flash of lightening in a dark, ominous sky. Purva Bhadrapada

energies are considered to be volatile and extreme; with toxic, energy churning within it.

Ajakapada behavior is directed by the third pada, the kama pada.

Purva Bhadrapada is a fierce nakshatra. The moon here can make the mind hot, critical, intense and passionate. It is in the Kama Pada the pada having do do with relationships, emotional attachment, intense experiences.

Ms. Clinton is known to be a tough minded political operative who played bad cop to affable Bill’s good cop. People in his administration were afraid of her volatile temper. She does not suffer fools lightly, and was reputed to not holding back when displeased. A study of 5 dozen interviews by top officials of the era, reveals the fear she provoked:

According to former White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta:

Hillary’s temper had much more sustained velocity (than Bill’s), for a longer period of time, She just let everybody have it.”

Joan Baggett, who served as assistant to the president for political affairs, said people didn’t feel comfortable pushing back on the first lady, even when she was wrong.

She would blow up over something that she misinterpreted…….. You can’t take on the First Lady,” I remember one time in one of these meetings where she was blowing up about Bill’s staff and how we were all incompetent and she was having to be the mechanic and drive the car and do everything, that we weren’t capable of anything.”

Baggert added that Clinton would chew out staffers in front of their colleagues,

Sometimes she’d be in those meetings and I’d think,‘Please don’t let her yell at me.’”

Moon, is the Atmakaraka, planet of self and soul in Hillary’s chart making it the most powerful graha in her chart. Her powerful Moon rules the 10th house – the karma bhava, the place of the throne and is in the 5th house of the natural sign of the king, Leo. The 5th is a house of authority and of supporters in the sign Aquarius, a highly philosophical sign that represents the masses and downtrodden since it is ruled by Saturn and Rahu.

The parivartana yoga (exchange of two lords in signs) between her 10th lord Moon, karaka of the minds of the people and her 4th and 5th lord Saturn, karaka of the working class, creates a powerful raja yoga linking two bhavas connected to high status of political power. Brings to mind another powerful woman with this yoga, Indira Gandhi.

The symbol of a man with two faces, one facing the past and one the future; one tumblr_nmq4kzWguP1ushe2to1_500face, the day face is benign, the night face demonic. People with strong Aja-ekapada energy can seem totally normal one moment and then flip and unexpectedly, like a flash of lightening show a ferocious, volatile side.

There are many pictures on the internet showing Ms. Clinton in an unfavorable light, not surprising for a politician especially in these times of extreme polarization. But the depictions of her are associated with dragons (power)* and two extreme facial characterizations giving her detractors reason to criticize her as being two-faced.

* “With Fire and Blood” comes from the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones” where Hillary is compared by some to the fierce Dothrake dragon Queen Kaleesie.

Ms. Clinton’s Moon rules the 10th house so this nakshatra will give her incredible fighting power and ability to endure the hardships of a long battle. The one-footed goat god holds a trident in one hand, a goat in another while standing on one foot. It is symbolized by two swords showing a will of steel.

The shakti of this nakshatra is “The Power to Raise the Evolutionary Level”or

“The PoWarrior Queenwer of Spiritual Fire” or “The Power to Awaken the Spirituality in a Person.”

The end goal that moon (in this nakshatra) desires is to do what is “good for people, good for the Gods and to gain radiance and the splendor of spiritual knowledge in order to support the entire world”

With Ms. Clinton’s mind influenced by Purva Bhadrapada she has intensity and perseverance and served in government with the intention to help the people. Whether she is advocating for children’s rights, trying to reform health care, or defend her husband when he is mired in one of his many sex scandals, she does so with passion and strength.

Sun in Swati first pada (D9 Sagittarius)

The Sun is in the dharma pada of SwatiThe Independent One. The ruler is Vayu, the god of the wind, the Divine Breath that controls the life force and the body’s pranas.

It’s shakti is to “scatter like the wind or to transform.”

Hillary Clinton’s Swati Sun is the eleventh lord of gains, desires and friends in the lagna with Venus and retrograde Mercury. Lagna lord, Venus is powerful in it’s mulatrikona – the office where Venus is high functioning, dominating and canceling Sun’s debility (nica bhanga raja yoga). While experiencing many trials and tribulations, her ego weaknesses can be transformed into strengths.

The Sun in Libra, the sign of sharing and the natural sign of relationships, shows her preference for rule by committee, sharing power as she did with her husband. She champions a more powerful and bigger government; so that governing can be expanded to cover more areas of life. Her best selling Book “It Takes a Village” for example is advocating raising children by involving the community in that effort and not just the family.

The Sun, ruler of the 11th house of aspirations, desires and alliances is in her lagna in a movable (chara) rasi and nakshatra. Swati’s “young green shoot blowing in the wind” symbol and it’s ruler, Vayu. Her personality may have gone through transformations due to relationship fluctuations, disappointments and shifting alliances. It could have hardened her spine and made her an independent and capable individual in her own right.

Libra, the sign where the sun sets in the natural zodiac, does not bode well for happy relationships. Hillary endured humiliation and had to swallow her pride when 130723221847-08-politicians-wives-clinton---restricted-horizontal-large-galleryher husband Bill Clinton was caught with the intern, Monica Lewinsky. With the Swati Sun in dharma pada she lashed out at the “vast right wing conspiracy ” for making it all up. She only had to take it all back when it became obvious that the accusations were true. Sun in the nakshatra of the flowing Wind God can give flexibility in values and ethics so they can sway in the direction needed, like those young green shoot blowing in the wind. We can assume that the dharma pada saved the day. It had been rumored that she thought of leaving Bill but after experiencing Swati like fluctuations from one extreme to the other, she chose to be on the side of duty and decided to play the role of supportive wife and ally to her wayward husband.

Swati’s symbol is also a sword – the sword of discrimination and the ability to cut attachments.

A politician, to survive, has to learn to cut old alliances, make new friends and embrace old enemies while not forgetting they may soon be an enemy again. Swati in dharma pada will help Hillary to do this for the righteous cause.

The Sun shows our deepest soul beliefs and karma. Her’s is at the lowest debilitation degree where his enemy Saturn is exalted. The Sun in the sign of equality, completely dominated by the powerful lagna lord, Venus in a Malavaya yoga giving her the status of a great person. Her Moon, in charitable Aquarius, Lagna and Sun in redistributing Libra, and committed to a progressive liberal philosophy her goal is to be champion of the masses.

Lagna in Vishakha third pada (D9 Gemini Lagna)

Vishakha is the star of purpose. It gives the ability to concentrate on goals and overcome obstacles.

It is ruled by the powerful dimorphic (two gods in one body) pair of primordial gods Indragni, the god of lightening and thunder and the god of fire. A contest between her potential rival, Donald Trump whose Moon is in Jyeshtha, portents a battle between titans where surly sparks will fly.

The shakti is “to achieve and make manifest,” “the power to achieve many and various fruits in life.”


The Sun’s scattered energy in Swati is largely countered by this lagna with lagna lord Venus and 9th and 12 lord Mercury also in Vishakha.

In Hillary’s own words:

I’m running because I have a lifetime of experience in getting results and fighting for people, fighting for kids, for women, for families, fighting to even the odds, and I know what it takes to get things done.”

Themes of strength, power, brilliance as well as perfectionism and exactitude are in this nakshatra.

The lagna is very strong with lagna lord Venus placed in it with the fortunate and strong 9th lord Mercury, karaka of communications very close by giving her the standards of a perfectionist. She does not put up with incompetence from her staff, as pointed out in the section on Hillary’s Moon in Purva Bhadrapada..
Vishakha Mercury she can be effective with words too, doing battle with word-weapons since Vishakha is a nakshatra of struggle and competition. This is the only nakshatra with two deities joined at the torso with their heads branching. Called “The Forked One,” it represents junctions like dark and light, dawn and dusk, sandhi points, new moons etc…. these turning points are where Rahu the planet of politics is strong and favorable.

This is another nakshatra with transformational energy but unlike the scattered energy of neighboring Swati, Vishakha is ready to focus on the target. It is the stance of the bowman preparing to shoot.

Clinton came close to hitting the target in 2008 but lost to Barack Obama after an intense primary battle. In her concession speech she famously declared that her candidacy had put “18 million cracks in the glass ceiling”.

The dual deities of Vishakha, the ungodly warrior king, Indra and the all consuming god of the Vedic yagya, Agni, have opposing agendas showing the struggles and obstacles that Hillary has had to overcome to climb so high. Having the symbol of the “Triumphal Archway” Her strong Lagna and lagna lord gave her the intelligence and vitality to attain many victories but not without periods of isolation, disappointment, purgatory and penance. This nakshatra indicates that if the native sticks it out, victory can be achieved in the second half of life.


As her latest book title indicates, her journey has not been easy and forced her to make many hard choices but she has prevailed to become the most powerful woman in American politics today.


This is the birth chart used by Edith Hathaway (7:56 AM time, 10/26/1947, Chicago IL) with which Edith has had a lot of predictive success (see the next thread where I posted comments from Edith re: this chart).

Astrology: Hillary Rodham Clinton, horoscope for birth date 26 October 1947, born in Chicago,…

Horoscope and astrology data of Hillary Rodham Clinton born on 26 October 1947 Chicago,…|By Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Astrodienst AG Zollikon, Switzerland – – president_561dbf71e4b028dd7ea5af6c


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