L. Ron Hubbard

A bio study of the Moon in Magha Pada 3


The Magha Moon rules the 9th house in the 10th rasi but in the in the bhava chalit chakra Moon is in the 9th bhava. I am using the bhava chalit  placements in this case study.

Magha themes revealed in L. Ron Hubbard’s life.


1. Leo/Magha Moon – leader, charismatic, independent, fabulously wealthy

2. Can’t have a boss, needs to be the boss, independent

There are several conditions that account for some of the features in his biography.

  • Kemadruma yoga – The Moon has no neighbors.
  • The Moon is in the sukla paksha 14th tithi – a rikta tithi.
  • There are malefic aspects from Mars and Rahu and 8th lord Mercury.

LRH had a normal childhood with loving parents but he was filled with anxiety, rage and other assorted mental and emotional issues. The karmas associated with his Moon were an unstable mind projecting a paranoid, untrue view, of being unsupported, unloved and lashing out at his family and beatings for his spouses. He was grandiose, idealist and extremely enthusiastic, which un-moored his grip on reality. Deep lows followed causing depression and the desire to commit suicide. Before he became rich and famous, (in his 40s) he thought that he was insane. His Simha nature would not let him abdicate his authority to psychiatric doctors which propelled him to find his own cure. He could not hold down a real job ever and while in the military during the war was reprimanded often having his orders rebuked for doing his own thing, not what he was told to do.

3. Prominence, Power, Status, Honor

Founder of the Church of Scientology.


Best selling author in 1950 of Dianetics which launched career as a world renowned spiritual leader.

Hubbard developed Dianetics, which he called “the modern science of mental health”. He founded Scientology in 1952 and oversaw the growth of the Church of Scientology into a worldwide organization. In 2004, eighteen years after Hubbard’s death, the Church claimed eight million followers worldwide. He is referred to as “the Source” by his followers.

4. Research, genealogy, ancestors.

Dianetics was a process of digging deep into the subconscious mind to neutralize the influences of the past in this life as well as life in the womb and in previous births.

The basic principle of Dianetics was that the brain recorded every experience and event in

Dianetics 1950 published

Dianetics 1950 published

a person’s life, even when unconscious. Bad or painful experiences were stored as what he called “engrams” in a “reactive mind”. These could be triggered later in life, causing emotional and physical problems. By carrying out a process he called “auditing”, a person could be regressed through his engrams to re-experiencing past experiences. This enabled engrams to be “cleared”. The subject, who would now be in a state of “Clear” would have a perfectly functioning mind, would be cured of physical ailments ranging from poor eyesight to the common cold.

  • Ketu is the ruler of Magha the karmic planet of the past; past ancestors. Ketu is in Libra, the 12 bhava with Jupiter. Ketu in the 12th wants to explore of the depths of the mind, letting go of the present and the surface mind to contact and revive the past memories (ancestors) for spiritual growth.
  • Rahu in *Bharani* aspects both of LRH’s Lagna lords, Mars and Ketu. Always a courageous explorer as well as researcher, Hubbard broke through many boundaries of the physical (in his 20’s he started an explorers club and traveled the world on a boat) as well as the mental worlds discovering mysteries that transformed him and his ideas.

* Bharani* shakti: the power to take away and move on in other words, the power to remove old concepts and make way for the new.

Magha is connected with Bharani – the soul returning in a new body through the yoni, the symbol of Bharani.

5. Deity of Magha are the Pitris who are our guardian angels.

The Guradian

The Guradian

Hubbard began his research on himself. Believing his problems were psychosomatic, he employed self-hypnosis and in the process discovered his inner muse who he called the “Guardian.” She was the source of his astoundingly rapid and voluminous writing. He wrote/channeled his 180,000 word seminal work, Dianetics, in less than 1 month.

Shani is the 3rd lord of writing skill and 4th lord of mind/meditation in the 5th house of intelligence/writing with exalted Venus 7th and 12th lord. Pisces/12th lord letting go of the mind, going to sleep, imagination, diving into the subconscious ocean to obtain amrita, the nectar of immortality.

From his private dairy, Hubbard wrote about his “Guardian”.

“The most thrilling thing in your life is your love and consciousness of your Guardian. She has copper red hair, long braids, a lovely Venusian face. She wear a white gown with jade squares…and gold slippers….you hear her voice above all others… I don’t care what comes out when the Guardian dictates.”

Hubbard is the World Record holder for the most published author, with 1,084 works, most translated book – 70 languages for “The Way to Happiness” – and most audiobooks (185 as of April 2009).

6. Spirit problem or Genetic disorder.

LRH suffered from “impotence, ulcers, conjunctivitis, deteriorating eyesight, bursitis and “something wrong with my feet”.

lagna lord Ketu in 12th bhava of feet and lagna lord Mars in 2nd bhava of eyesight, both aspected by Rahu.

Foundation above: Mourning

In the post World War 2 years, where he served in the US Navy, LRH spent his days intensely researching for the answers to how to heal the ills of mankind using himself as a guinea pig. Believing the root cause was in the mind, he turned towards the occult becoming involved with black magic and the teachings of the famous ceremonial magician Aleister Crowley.


Hubbard collaborated on a sex magic ritual intended to summon an incarnation of the supreme Thelemite Goddess who appeared, so he says, as an “elemental” who would participate in further sex magic.

Desire: To flourish in the world of the ancestors.

The 3rd pada of Magha is kama pada. His desire was to enjoy sex with a goddess!

He had a bombastic, grandiose personality with signs of narcissism and megalomania.

Hubbard called Dianetics “a milestone for man comparable to his discovery of fire and superior to his invention of the wheel and the arch”.

It is not completely clear from my research that he was possessed by a spirit but his extensive explorations into the occult, extreme sexual promiscuity and his early use of drugs could point to that. (after all he is a Scorpion rising)

7. Die and come back to life

Hubbard wrote the book Excalibur, 15 years before the founding of Scientology, which lays out the basic principles of human existence — key to the development of Scientology and Dianetics. Inspiration came during an operation in which he “died” for eight minutes. Hubbard realized that, while he was dead, he had received a tremendous inspiration, a great Message which he must impart to others. He sat at his typewriter for six days and nights and nothing came out. Then, Excalibur emerged.

Foundation below: Leaving the body

Result of shakti, basis of above & below and desire: Death

8. Symbol of Magha: A Throne. Also a  Palanquin – The soul sitting inside the body.

         Symbol & Deity Palanquin & Pitrs
Symbol & Deity Palanquin & Pitrs

Symbol & Deity Palanquin & Pitrs

Hubbard expanded upon the basics of Dianetics to construct a spiritually oriented doctrine based on the concept that the true self of a person was a “Thetan”— “an immortal, omniscient and potentially omnipotent entity”. (a soul, Atman) Hubbard taught that the Thetans, having created the material universe, had forgotten their god-like powers and become trapped in physical bodies. Scientology aimed to “rehabilitate” each person’s Thetan.


9. Listens to ministers, communicating and listening in the kingdom

The 3rd pada of Magha is kama pada.

Hubbard played a very active role in the Dianetics boom, writing, lecturing and training auditors.

Dianetics was an immediate commercial success and sparked a nationwide cult of incredible proportions. The book was selling like hotcakes and translated into several foreign languages. Five hundred Dianetics auditing groups had been set up across the United States.



Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._Ron_Hubbard#Origins_of_Dianetics


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  2. Frank says:

    Can you share what calculations are you using to define the bhava chalit chakra and what is your basic interpretive approach to it? I’ve seen different things being called this and am curious what this is based on.

  3. sueannmckean says:

    Yes Frank; Construct the bhavas using the Lagna degree as the midpoint of the first bhava. Unless the Lagna is 15 degrees then all of the houses will have different boundaries. Guruji says that the grahas that shift bhavas will have a misapprehension. there will be a perceptual misunderstanding if the graha is in a different bhava from the rashi chakra. This was taught at an SJC conference in 2006 or 07…I am sure you can find that paper somewhere on the internet.
    all the best to you.

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