the Mythology of Ardra Nakshatra


3 grahas in Ardra:

MOON pada 4 – 2nd lord

MARS pada 4 – 6 & 11 lord

RAHU pada 2 – 9th lord

Ardra Mythology: Birth of Rudra and Abandonment

Aitareya Brahmana Upanishad explains the lustful desire of Prajapati (Brahma) for his own daughter Usha (Dawn). Prajapati being the progenitor of the universe, all his creations metaphorically become his procreation/ children.

The universal Gods (Visvedevas) were horrified looking at the Universal Father’s (Prajapati’s) lust towards his daughter and from the unified fury and collective rage of the Gods, Rudra is birthed. Born from the wrath of the Gods, Rudra’s anger runs through his blood. Rudra is ordered by the Visvedevas to prevent the heinous act of Prajapati. The purpose for Rudra’s birth was to disrupt the creative forces of the Universe by blocking Prajapati to succeed with his intentions of incest.

deer chase

Saraswati turns into a deer to escape the lust of Brahma Prajapati who chases her as a stag.

J., the owner of this chart, was born in a refugee camp at the end of WW2, literally on the destroyed battleground of Nazi Germany (6 Lord of battles, Mars with Rahu- the 2 karakas of sura and asura armies in the lagna of native.

No sooner did Rudra sever the lustful  head of Prajapati with his arrow, that the Gods became deeply remorseful, even embarrassed about their rash deed. They instantly realized that Prajapati’s seduction was a grand yagna, performed for the purpose of universal well being and expansion of his creation.

The Gods, immediately wash their collective hands of the act of Rudra and abandoned him.

The natives mother (moon) and father (9th lord Rahu) fled for their lives in spring of 1945 abandoning the homeland, Lithuania, and their extended family that still lived there ( moon is 2nd lord of family) .

Ardra symbol is a tear drop. Deity Rudra makes one weep.


They also refuse rudra a seat at the sacrifice they perform to grieve and repent for their rash act. They abandon Rudra as an one-man show and refuse to accept him as their child. Rudra is terrified at this unfair treatment from his own fathers and howls, roars and cries (Rud). The subsequent tears drop from Rudra showers as the thunderous storms.

There was unfair treatment from the authorities in several governments. First the invasion of Lithuania by the Soviet Union, then by the Nazi Germany; then again the Soviets, finally pushing the native’s family to desert their home and family. J, his parents and sister ended up in a refugee camp in Germany, living there for 11 years (there are 11 Rudras). At the end of the war the effort to survive on the scant resources was a hardship on the newly born J. As a child the native did not have enough nourishing food and lived among a rabble of 18 or so different nationalities competing for scraps so often camp life was a battle ground. (2nd lord with 6th lord – MOON and MARS in Lagna)

 Rudraksha therefore means ‘The Tear of Lord Shiva/Rudra’. Rudraksha is currently used to alleviate suffering and sorrows of the world and can be an effective remedial aid for Ardra natives.

Shiva Rudra

The native has spent much of his life alleviating the suffering of others. He is an excellent alternative healer; using acupuncture needles (6th lord Mars) with diet and foods (2nd lord, Moon) as well as homeopathic remedies (Moon- plant and Mars- mineral substances)

The mythology of Rudra and Prajapati from Shatapatha Brahmana:

The red fierce form of Shiva is known as Rudra. As per another mythology from Shatapatha Brahmana, Rudra was born from the Eyebrows of Brahma. It was a wish granted by Shiva to Brahma that he would take birth as his son. On his birth the child is howling and crying. Prajapati (Brahma) asks the child why he cries, he retorts by weeping louder saying that he weeps because he doesn’t have a name.

Name is the Lagna- 3 grahas in Ardra- native disliked his birth name…it was a foreign name (Lithuanian) where as a refugee in Germany there was bias against him so he changed his name to a more Germanic sounding one.

Rudra desired, “May I become the lord of the animals”. One who makes the appropriate offering to Rudra, and to Ardra, becomes the lord of the animals. Rudra is the lord of the wild animals and all things wild, strange or disturbing. These come through Ardra, which therefore needs to seek control over them. So, they wished to leave their wildness for the welfare and betterment of people.

Mars, the 6th lord of pets/animals: J adores all animals; has a great affinity towards them. he is an excellent trainer and caregiver of pets. He spends a fair amount of time/money to buy food for the wild animals around his home – especially the birds.

Rudra is Lord of the animals.

Rudra is Lord of the animals.

Health Issues of Ardra
Nervous System Disorders, Skin Sensitivity, Allergies, Mental Disorders and
Lung Problems

MOON – with MARS 6th lord and Rahu: J’s mother had Tuberculosis while J. was a baby and young child. It confused and upset him when his mother went away to the sanatorium or refused to touch him for fear of spreading TB (tuberculosis) (tears, rejection, abandonment)

Native had a mild form of TB in the lungs as well – MOON in Lagna with MARS RAHU – suffered a strong kapha imbalance with low digestive agni his whole life.

Mother, due to the lung disease, could not immigrate to the US where they wanted to go and make a new life. (abandonment theme).


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